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FLPI Workshop:"Improving Animal Welfare in the Transport of Livestock in Indonesia"

Bogor-Indonesian Animal Logistics Forum (FLPI) held a workshop with the theme "Improving Animal Welfare in the Transport of Livestock in Indonesia" on Friday, October 12th, 2018 at the Meeting Room of the Faculty of Animal Science IPB, Bogor Agricultural University. The workshop was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Animal Science IPB and followed by a speech from Prof. Luki Abdullah as the Chairman of FLPI. "On this occasion we raised the theme of animal welfare to be applied in animal husbandry transportation which final output is in the form of a policy brief", explained Luki.
The speaker at the FLPI Workshop included Eddy Wijayanto ( Founder) who delivered the current condition of local cattle welfare during transportation both sea and land. The second speaker was Tri Nugrahwanto (PT Tanjung Unggul Mandiri) who delivered knowledge about the implementation of livestock welfare in beef cattle transportation. The third speaker was Sudarno from PT Sierad Produce, Tbk by delivering material related to the conditions and implementation the welfare of poultry transportation. "Not only live cattle transportation,but  poultry trasnportation is also discussed in this workshop, so the workshop material is more comprehensive," explained Dr. Rudi Afnan as the moderator. The fourth resource person was Dr. Ross Ainsworth from the Northern Territory Livestock Exporters Association who delivered material related to Australia's experience in animal welfare during the livestock transportation.

The workshop activity was attended by various government agencies, businesses, academics and communities, including the Ministry of Agriculture, BPPT, the Ministry of Transportation from the Directorate of Land Transportation and the Directorate of Sea Transportation. In addition, it was also attended by IPB lecturers, Trilogy University, STIAMI and IPB Animal Husbandry Logistics postgraduate students.

This workshop produced outputs in the form of recommendations, including the urgency to formulate standards/regulations for cattle transportation in general and specifically according to each type of livestock, the existence of research collaboration between academics, business and government as the basis for drafting regulations. Another recommendation is that a competency test should be made for livestock transportation operators.