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FLPI Training 2019 : Healthy and Quality Meat Handling

Healthy and Quality Meat Handling Training was held for two days in collaboration between FLPI-Fapet IPB-Indonesian Halal Chef- Joinhed Meat Shop. The first day's activities on April 29, 2019 were held at the Faculty of Animal Science Meeting Room of IPB University. The training activity was opened directly by Dr.Rudi Afnan, S.Pt, MSc.Agr as Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Animal Science IPB. The first session of the training was delivered by Dr.drh.Denny Widaya Lukman,M.Sc about frozen and fresh meat sanitation and hygiene. The second session of the training was delivered by Dr.Ir.Henny Nuraini,MSi about meat handling methods and meat cutting classification techniques.

The second day of training on 30 April 2019 a visit was made to the Joinhed Meat Shop (Kalimalang, Jakarta). The visit was facilitated by a team of Mr. Achmad Hadi as the owner of Joinhed Meat Shop. In addition to the visit, halal cooking demo was also carried out by Indonesian Halal Chef at Joinhed Meat Shop. Meat processing techniques with various types of meat quality were delivered by Chef R. Muhammad Suherman as Chair of the Indonesian Halal Chef.

The training was attended by a number of multistakeholder participants including the Pegirian Surabaya RPH, Jambi University, PT Cianjur Artamakmur, PT Maradeka Karya Semesta, Sedulur Meat Shop 99 Indramayu, PPHNak Directorate General of PKH Ministry of Agriculture, PD Dharma Jaya, UD Prima Bro and other individuals. "The meat processing practice and the Joinhed Meat Shop concept combined with Japanese restaurants are the inspiration for the development of our meat shop business going forward," explained drh. Evia Kirana as the trainee.

The activity was followed enthusiastically by the participants. "For me, these two days of training gave me a lot of knowledge and new knowledge that I would share with the students", explained Mrs.Dr. Sri Ernita, a University of Jambi lecturer, one of the training participants. This activity is also supported by media partners Poultry Magazine, and Agro Pustaka.