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Coinciding on April 30, 2019, FLPI, represented by the Post-Graduate Team of Animal Husbandry Logistic of IPB, met the invitation of the National Dialogue activity entitled "Cold Chain Infrastructure and Strategy". This activity was organized by the Indonesian Cooling Chain Association (ARPI) at the Grand Mercure Hotel Jakarta. This National Dialogue aims to support the supply chain, especially the cooling chain for a product by cooperating with official bodies from the government (KEMENHUB, BEA CUKAI, PELNI) and several companies (TELKOMSEL, HoneyWell, and Bitzer), and presentations from ARFI and ALFI to support the logistics process to make it even better.

The National Dialogue was held to introduce some of the latest innovations from each party and joint discussions. Each party, both from the government and the company, showed considerable progress both in technology and communication. The first session of the dialogue themed the Roadmap Strategy for Cold Chain Distribution at Port presented by KEMENHUB with the title "Strategy Roadmap Strategy Efficient", BEA CUKAI with the title of dialogue "Procedure and socialization of ASEAN Hamonized Nomenclature Rates (AHTN) and Indonesian Customs Tariff Book (BKTI) ", PELNI with the title" Ro-Ro Vessel and Sea Toll "dialogue, BULOG with the title" Implementation of Warehouse Reciept ", and the ARPI party with the title of the dialogue" Solar Panel as Alternative Energy ". According to Hassanudin Hasni as Chairman of ARPI, the expectation of the growth of the cold chain market is 8-12% every year, therefore we must take advantage of this opportunity. However, the high cost of logistics, especially logistics through sea travel, can hamper employers' interest in doing business in this field. Actually, logistics of using ships by sea only costs around 19%, the high transportation costs can be caused by the costs of port loading and unloading services according to Harry Boediarto Director of Goods Transport Business and PELNI Sea Toll Road.

The second session of the dialogue was entitled How to Secure Your Loss on Cold Chain Business presented by ALFI with the title "Logistic and Freigh Forwarding for ASEAN Connectivity", Telkomsel with the title "Save Your Database with Internet of Things (IoT) and Fleet Management " Telkomsel introduces a tool to facilitate the process of tracking, checking and monitoring transportation based on real time, so that we know the position and condition of the transportation mode. In addition, Telkomsel has also implemented a treacibility system for some fishermen in Indonesia, so that the fishermen's family can find out their latest position, and we can see the track record of fishing locations.

The seminar was then presented by the HoneyWell company with the title "Lower Global Warming Potential Refrigerator" dialog, and Bitzer's party with the title of the dialog "Increase The Reability of Refrigerator System with Energy Efficient". They explained that nowadays the importance of using environmentally friendly tools and machines, by reducing the emission of gas produced but still paying attention to the efficiency of the tools being operated. The event closed with conclusions and Business Matching between various stakeholders.