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FLPI Workshop: "Standardization of Human Resource Competence in Animal Logistic Sectors"

Friday, April 13, 2018



Animal Logistic is a multidisciplinary field, in which agricultural and veterinary sciences closely associated with logistics, processing, cooling chain technology, economics, distribution etc. Moreover, areas with a broader context such as animal welfare, food security, food quality, competitiveness and public health require knowledge of the domain of the sciences mentioned above; that's why until now there has been no "expert / Animal Logistics expert" in the broad sense.


Development of standardization of human resource competency in logistic field of animal husbandry is needed. Through this development, human resources are expected to have competence in accordance with industry needs. In order to develop the standardization of competence, it is necessary to connect the stakeholders (academics, business, government and association) through this workshop. This workshop is expected to contribute and increase the competence of human resources in the animal logistics sector.



• Addressing inequality of livestock logistics in farms due to lack of standardization of competence in the logistic supply chain of livestock

• Identify the profile of animal logistic Human Resource requirements for the livestock and animal products industry sectors



• Become the input material in the preparation of Certification Scheme of Livestock Logistics Competence in accordance with the needs of related industries.

• In-depth and development of human resource competency standards which will then be developed in animal logistics teaching materials in universities.



Time and place

Venue : Calliandra Room, Puslitbangnak, 

  Jl.Raya Pajajaran Kav.E-59,Bogor

Day, Date : Friday, April 13, 2018

Time : 08.00 a.m – 01.00 p.m



Keynote Speakers


1. Momon Rusmono (Head of  BPPSDMP)

“Animal Logistics Competence to support Sislognas"


2. Pelindo III/ PT PELNI

"Potential and Prospect of Animal Logistics Human Resources"


3. Annemarie Westendorp (Gender International Expert) 

“Management Of HR with Different Competencies in Gender Perspective”


4. Yunus Triyonggo (Chief Human Capital Development PT Sierad)

"Human Resource Logistics Competence in Poultry Industry"



"Animal Logistics Human Resource Competence in Meat & Livestock Industry"


6. Moderator: Dr.Epi Taufik S.Pt,MVPH, M.Si



1. Academician (IPB)

2. Government (Coordinating Ministry of Economy, Ministry, Coordinating Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration, Ministry of Transportation)

3. Business (Director of Human Resources which related with animal logistics industries)

4. Community