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Thursday, February 8, 2018


Animal (esp.livestocks and poultry) logistics is a multidisciplinary field, in which agricultural and veterinary sciences meet with logistics, processing, cooling chain technology, economics, distribution, etc. Moreover, areas of broader context such as animal welfare, food security, food quality, competitiveness and public health require knowledge of the domain of the sciences.

Faculty of Animal Science (FAS) IPB has started an education program in animal logistics. In order to develop and maintain the competency oriented education program, it is necessary to connect lecturers and students with practical matters through research that can contribute and develop the sector.


  • Provide lecturers and students and researchers of IPB and outside IPB in general who are interested in the field of livestock logistics.
  • Increase the capacity of lecturers, students and researchers as preparation efforts to prepare research proposal of livestock logistics.


Improve the ability of researchers, lecturers or students so that the quality and quantity of research in the field of animal logistics is also increasing.


Day, date             : Thursday, February 08, 2018

Time                      : 08.00 s.d. 1pm

Venue                  : Meeting Room of Faculty of Animal Husbandry IPB, Campus IPB Darmaga, Bogor

Coach / Resource

1. Prof.Dr. Senator Nur Bahagia (Industrial Technology Faculty, ITB)

2. Renzo Akkerman (WUR)

3. Dr.Despal, S.Pt, M.ScAgr (Faculty of Animal Science, IPB)

Participants :

  • Lecturers, Students, Researchers from University / Government Agencies all over Indonesia who are interested in the field of animal logistics research.