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FLPI National Conference : “Strengthening Network on Animal Logistics Industry”

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


FLPI has been formed since October 7, 2015, experiencing the development and positive response from the multi stakeholder. Hopes and ideas emerged from multi stakeholder reflected in FLPI activities, such as workshop, FGD and training.

FLPI in the future will be developed as a network-focused platform, IT and ideas related to the animal logistics sector. Multi stakeholder are expected to be more involved and explore the existence of FLPI. This conference is expected to offer input and the birth of various cooperation agendas for the sustainability of FLPI. Thus, through FLPI can accommodate the multi stakeholders to provide real contributions and benefits to the progress of Indonesian animal logistics.

FLPI will organize this conference not only national but also international perspective to synchronize effort of logistic experts in improving animal product security and distribution. This conference become one of the series on the Fourth International Seminar on Animal Industry (ISAI) 2018.


  • Accommodate multi stakeholder aspirations, expectations and ideas for sustainable development of FLPI
  • Involve multi stakeholder to exploit the existence of FLPI
  • Arrange the next agenda of FLPI in 2019 through multi stakeholders input in this mid-conference


  • The existence of FLPI can be utilized optimally by multi stakeholders
  • Being guidance in the preparation of FLPI's agenda in 2019.
  • The emergence of various forms of cooperation commitment that support and strengthen the sustainability of FLPI.


Strengthening Network on Animal Logistics on Animal Logistics Industry

Time and Place

Venue                    : Ballroom, IPB International Convention Center, Jl.Raya Pajajaran, Bogor

Day, Date              : Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Time                       : 08.30 am - 15.30 pm


200 invited participants (multistakeholders FLPI)

FLPI Video 

Presentation of Invited Speaker